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Region 10 has been very lucky to have some of the worlds fastest race boat drivers.From the late 40's when Rockey Stone and Bill Rankin fought it out with their Racing C PR's, to ending the 50's with Hu Entrop and Burt Ross breaking the speed barriers. People like Jack Leek taking Mercs(and later OMC) to a new level.To guys like Howard Anderson,Jerry Walin and Lee Sutter.Even Chip Hanauer got started up here racing A's. Just an amazing group!

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On top of all the accomplishments he's given to the boat racing field,Jack Leek has had very memorable moments in pleasure boats too.Here's the most imfamous Merc promotional photo ever taken. The photographer was the great Bob Carver.This was taken around 1959 near Tacoma, Wa. Carl Kiekhaefer was out here doing a promo shoot of the new Merc engines. Ted Jones built a special catamaran boat for him.They were jumping a ramp to show how the engines could handle rough situations.Bob was sitting inside the ramp, Jack was driving the boat. Bob had all the photos he needed, but they decided to go one more time. Well.... a big cruiser passed by making a very large wake. A roller made the ramp tilt the wrong way as Jack hit it. WHAMMO!!! This photo shows what happened. Carl threatened to kill Bob if he EVER released it. Years passed and finally it got out. Bob made a lot of money off this shot! This is a really TRUE STORY......BELIEVE IT OR NOT!!!!. We were lucky enough to know Bob and have him sign this photo before he passed away. Also got Jack to autograph it a couple years back.

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