I'm giving my buddy, John Laird his own page. His creations of mechanical mayhem rival those of Dr. Frankenstein. An excellent machinist and mechanic with 50 years of racing in his pocket. This guy is an energizer bunny...just when you think he's done it all, Out comes something new.
From Steam powered to Electric powered, you'll see it here.


First off..Here's a Hot running 3.6 hp. Modified Scott with some Merc additions and a cool tank off a sea-bee.  Lower unit off
of a Merc KF-5 . Carb is an Alky modified AJ-32. Not gonna give any speed secrets away on this one except to say that internals are full jewelled and this thing is a MONSTER running on  Methanol/castor with a 15% load of nitro.

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Here's a really rare Bourke engine. John found the fellow who has all the leftover parts/patterens/patents and was lucky enough to get one of these rare birds together.

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This one was inspired from a "Veggie tales" movie. A counter rotating dual prop lower unit bolted up to one of those high quality Clinton outboards.

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I'm not sure really how to describe this one. It's a real Duke's mixture and it DOES RUN!!! See how many different brands of motors you can find on this! Check out the interesting tiller steering and throttle.

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An electric start PR-65.   Getting tired of rope been bit too many times pulling this monster over...well, here's the answer. Adapted mercury starter. Modified flyheel with ring gear. Even has a solid state no more points to fuss more hose downs in the corners. This motor takes care off all the problems.

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The earliest HONDA fourstroke ever made????? not exactly.

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