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Trying to find ways to get more guys out racing, APBA decided to go back to the tried and true.Allowing motors produced at least 25 years ago,spawned a new class.From out of the woodwork they came.Here in region 10 and also in region 11,the CLASSIC B's came alive.Darrell Sorensen drew up the rules. We had a lot of fun running these boats....but unfortunately APBA is all about point chasing..not nostalgia. Instead of treating us like a regular class, we normally got "trash time" at the end of the day.. Most of the racers in the clubs liked what we were doing, but the fellows running the races had thier noses in the air. In the end, it just turned out to be a lot of money for not much fun, so the Classic B's went back where they belong . WILDCAT racing. All the fun with out the nightmares.

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Here's a few pics of my friend Ben Vander Kooi's craftwork. He builds a few boats now and then. This is an Airborne that  I had him build a few years back. Absolutely top notch quality. Not a nail in the boat.

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