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OLD IRON.....HERNIA SPECIALS     Here's where it all really started.These old 1930's motors were the first engines that set the standards for racing.Coverterted to run on alcohol,these motors screamed.They look like pretty simple setups,but are actually very precise motors.The work that goes into one to make it a good racer is quite interesting.When I first thought about building one, I figured it'd be easy... after all, I'm a Mercury master technition.Boy was I humbled.Turns out most of us nowadays mechanics are really only parts replacers. To build one of these antique racers, you've got to be a machinist/welder/mechanic/jack of all trades. For now I'm going to only focus on the 30 cubic inch class C motors.
SPEEDITWIN This 30 cubic inch fishing machine really had to go thru some modifications to become an Alky C service. New lower unit,short tower,Vacturi carb,High compression pistons, port work and a lot of blueprinting. There were just tons of different add-on parts available for these motors.Names like Wiseco, Hubbell, Eldridge,Goslee,Turner ...all had their hands in the aftermarket business.
JOHNSON PR 30 cubes of raw power.These motors were engineering showpieces. Some of this technology was  far ahead of it's time. Using a rotary valve to ram induct   the fuel, the PR's screamed!
EVINRUDE HEX HEAD Now that Evinrude had access to the Johnson plans, they decided to make a rotary valve racer for themselves.The first model, the 6038 had round heads, The later 6041 had the hexagonal shaped heads.


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